• Tailor-made solutions to meet the needs and expectations of all stakeholders
  • Innovative solutions such as smart applications, websites, connected tools, blogs and call centres
  • From development to execution and reporting, we manage your project from A to Z, including system development and management

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Modis Life Sciences identifies specific patient needs and incorporates innovative technologies into a new patient support program to empower patients and maximize treatment effectiveness.




area's of expertise: coaching, health literacy, psychological support and home therapy

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The Challenge

Patient engagement plays a key role in assuring maximal treatment effectiveness. However, today, treatment schemes are becoming more complex and more personalized leading to additional burden to patients and poor adherence.  Patients today also demand transparent communication, targeted information and integrated approaches to care. Well-crafted patient support programs help healthcare businesses boost patients’ disease-specific knowledge, adherence to treatment and overall well-being.

Our offering

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Business consultancy

  • Identifying gaps in the patient journey and specific patient needs through surveys and focus groups.
  • Identify partnerships with e.g. patient organizations, social security companies and hospitals.
  • Assuring regulatory compliance.


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Development of information leaflets and coaching material

  • Develop service description and disease specific information leaflets together with KOL to increase patient’s disease and treatment understanding.
  • Develop coaching material for health literacy, lifestyle coaching, …
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Recruitment of the right profiles

  • A dedicated recruitment team with expertise in clinical, medical and paramedical profiles such as health coaches, nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians and psychologists.
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Program management

  • Training and management of project team.
  • Taking care of the day-to-day project management by appointing a dedicated project manager and providing the appropriate tools.