Innovation Services

Innovation Lab for Project Incubation & Proof of Concept

  • Facilitate innovation process​, going from ideation to launching a new product or service
  • Incubate ideas into PoC and solutions​, using various approaches, methodologies, and tools to assure the right stakeholder engagement and alignment at all times
  • Stimulate people to be in the drivers’ seat of their own health by transforming or starting up life sciences and healthcare practices (service, solution, or business model)


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Modis Innovation Lab brings health innovation to practice in an agile, co-creative, and (end-)user centric way


participants in our iLAB digital health experiments


PoC projects initiated via our iLAB in 2019


interactive client / partner workshops that went virtual in 2020

3 & 10+

3 core team innovation experts and 10+ extended team members, embedded in the wider Modis Life Sciences organization, providing direct links and access to many of our other established services such as Patient Support Programs, RWE studies, Multi-Stakeholder Collaborations, Grant Consulting etc.

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The Challenge

Our clients and their stakeholders in Life Sciences and Healthcare are constantly challenged by the need to adopt new technologies and business models towards a more cost effective and patient centric health solution, while operating in a highly regulated and quality controlled work environment. They face problems to:


  • Incubate and strategize: no clear sight on how to incubate digital health solutions from idea to PoC and how to support ongoing innovation projects in this domain
  • Shape and process: challenging to design and manage real-world studies and patient support programs that make benefit from digital health applications and biomarkers
  • Test and validate: difficult to build capacity for service innovation and experimenting and to validate digital health solutions
  • Partner and scale: challenging to co-create and align with stakeholders to develop proof-of-concept studies and projects in a structured manner to develop a new product or service

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Thank you, Modis Innovation Lab, for organizing this great event and for discussing the challenges in the path towards direct patient value.

Julie Nys – Medical Scientist and Product Owner at Byteflies

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Learning from digital-enabled healthcare experiments

Running internal health studies with volunteers about personal health and experimenting with digital health wearables or apps to uncover innovating behavioural patterns. Adopting more digital solutions within patient support programs, in the health data information and outcome management flow.

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Innovation Sprints and run PoC projects

Boost innovation by directly testing in a practical PoC setting with real users who give feedback and experience the value of our idea or concept, combining our project management and study management skills with existing clinical sites or patient living labs.

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Develop a strategic roadmap and provide expert services

We often see the need for merging an Agile solution development with good practice strategy and project management principles. Here we bring an interactive approach for mapping your solution development efforts to the critical milestones towards your first viable (MVP) or marketable product (MMP). From this roadmap overview we can pull in value-add expert services from our solution teams at Modis Life Sciences where necessary.

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Develop an innovation practice

Co-creating the approach and framework you need to make innovation happen in your company. Whether you go for innovation bootcamps, an innovation hub or another innovation program, putting the right strategy, practical set-up, management buy-in and innovation culture in place will get you on your way to impact quickly.

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Our core values

  • Agility: We go for fast learning cycles, developing the innovative solutions in an iterative way and improving these by capturing feedback at various timepoints and levels. We adapt our approach in function of the challenge’s needs, while keeping a clear end goal in mind.
  • Co-creation: We believe innovation is best done by collaboration. By incorporating a myriad of stakeholders in the development and testing, the end result is much more likely to achieve the envisaged impact.
  • (end) User centricity: We want to make sure any health innovation we support will have a significant impact on peoples’ lives. Therefore, we strongly believe in the design thinking principles and process, and often build tailored approaches incorporating these to help our clients develop their innovative solutions.

Our mission in Life Sciences is to help our clients improve their customers’ and patients’ quality of life.

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