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Project sourcing

Acquiring the right talent, at the right moment. Resourcing agility & know-how combined with expertise to achieve your project goals

  • Finding the experts you need in each phase of the lifecycle of a drug, product or device
  • Rapid access to our skilled experts and network of Life Sciences consultants
  • Resourcing agility and recruitment know-how
  • Trusted advisor: Dedicated consultants, single-point-of-contact approach, constant connection
  • Pro-active recruitment power

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consultants in R&D, Quality & Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing and Healthcare


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The Challenge

Having the right talent at the right moment is becoming a big concern for many Life Sciences organizations. Too often, projects are stalling because of lack of the right resources. There are several moments in the development lifecycle where temporarily more experts are needed to achieve the tight deadlines. Organizations need flexible workforce to fit current demands or adapt to the changing market situation.

For more than 15 years, companies have turned to Modis Life Sciences for the highest caliber of talent solutions, knowing that we have an extensive network of seasoned consultants that can be trusted to get the job done.

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Employees as most valuable assets

  • Finding the right candidate is essential in the current, transforming market. We take away the pressures of recruiting and manage the full recruitment process from start to finish.
  • Modis Life Sciences understands your business and the type of roles you are looking to fill.
  • You will have access to the know-how and expertise of our recruiters, helping you tackle a wide range of recruitment issues. And you will find that we go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals.
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Project sourcing as a solution

  • Perfect for organizations that need flexible workforce to fit current demands or adapt to the market situation.
  • Modis Life Sciences has the reach and the resources to connect your business with the best experts available in Belgium or internationally.
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Scale up your team in seconds

  • Meet specific project objectives and reach critical deadlines with our own community of experts who we have individually selected and trained.
  • Modis Life Sciences nurtures long-term relations with our people in a wide range of specialties such as R&D, quality & supply chain, sales & marketing and healthcare.
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Network expansion to ensure best match

  • We constantly and pro-actively grow our network through tailor-made candidate workshops and events, personal referrals and unique industry relationships.
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Coaching & connection for future

  • Starting from their unique goals and ambitions, we help our experts learn, share, grow and excel through continuous training and development opportunities.
  • We remain connected to resolve issues that may arise during a project and offer additional support as the project evolves.