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By combining data of various sources, new insights can be gained, lifting innovation and decision making to the next level

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of all data has been created in the past 2 years

$103 billion

estimated value of the big data market by 2023


of organisations are investing in big data and AI

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The Challenge

In today’s world, data is more present than ever, and incredible amounts of data are created every second. Technical revolutions such as the internet, better database systems and strong data visualization solutions open a new dimension of information.

Data management has always been a major cornerstone in the Life Sciences industry. In drug development research, for instance. Getting the incredibly complex processes organized and under control requires a strong set of orchestrated tools and reporting dashboards. But the research itself relies heavily on collecting data, analyzing results and adjusting experiments based on findings. As new real-world data becomes available in massive amounts these days, it is a challenge to get the most out of these sources in order to make even better medicines in a shorter timeframe. The race to create a Covid-19 vaccine as a perfect example: by combining information about existing drugs with new findings on the virus’s behavior, potential targets are identified at an incredibly fast speed.

So more than ever it is crucial to get access to the best data and to have the tools and knowledge to get the most value out of it.

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Data source analysis

  • Spot all data sources relevant for you even the less obvious ones
  • Describe the role and data lifecycle of these sources
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Connecting data

  • Design a data warehouse solution to connect the data
  • Design data marts for specific analysis and reporting needs
  • Provide Master Data Management
  • Build up historical data for comparison, benchmarking, …
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Data visualization

  • Turn data into real actionable information
  • Create interactive dashboards that lead to real decision making
  • Trend analysis to make reliable predictions