International Nurse Day

Two Modis Life Sciences Project Nurses

Medical workers have been some of the most dedicated people fighting at the forefront of this pandemic. Today, on International Nurses Day, nurses from all around the world are being noticed, appreciated, and thanked for their endless and selfless hard work. Here at Modis Life Sciences, we want to shine the spotlight on two of our very own project nurses.


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If I am being completely honest, I was not very familiar with the term “project nurse” before I started applying for jobs and had done several interviews. It was then, that I realized how project nursing would help me learn a lot throughout my career as there are always new techniques and protocols to be discovered. Additionally, I am also able to bring my experience to the workplace which I love. When you’re a project nurse, it isn’t easy to represent an external body at a hospital, so when you get positive feedback about the work you are putting in, it is extremely gratifying. I would say this is one of the most rewarding parts of my job, in addition to also being able to grow and improve my capabilities.

I would have to say that my biggest accomplishment as a project nurse is my experience in Intensive Care. Though I wasn’t specialized in SIAMU, I was moved to an Intensive Care unit which was stressful yet very motivating. After my first few evaluations, I was glad to find out that I was performing well and later it was decided that my work in Intensive Care would be extended for nearly another year. This showed me that people were clearly happy with the work that I was doing.

As a project nurse, I consider adaptation to be my strongest quality. When you move between hospitals, it is essential to adapt quickly to the different parameters and surroundings, as they differ depending on where you find yourself. Something you also have to learn to handle is the stress that comes with the job. I am a very jovial person who uses humor as an outlet for this and when communicating with my colleagues. Communication is key, as you can talk to colleagues about both the good and the bad. Additionally, in my free time, I exercise a lot to relieve all the physical and mental tension. What helps is also not bringing the stresses from work home with you, which is why I speak to my colleagues at work about the tough moments.

If there is one life lesson project nursing has taught me, it is the importance of team spirit. Whether we are from different structures or organizations with their own hierarchy and administration, the lesson to be learned is that we are all health professionals united around one mutual goal: providing quality care for the patients and their families.

I consider myself lucky to be a part of Modis Life Sciences because whether it is administratively, professionally or even personally, Modis has always followed up on me in the best possible way and in complete transparency. For me, communication is important, and Modis Life Sciences clearly does this very well. I also love that, here at Modis Life Sciences, my personal well-being, wants, and needs are considered and are prioritized. It is the first workplace that has offered me real advantages and genuinely considered every aspect of my nursing profession. Modis Life Sciences offers something different than what classical hospitals do.



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“Nursing is more than just taking care of wounds, giving medication and washing people. I think that the majority of people know this, but many are still unaware of the total package of a nurse.”

I became a project nurse because of the great variety the job offers, and to learn from every experience. Thanks to the different experiences, when you join a new project at a different workplace, you are able to share what you have learned from the previous ones. So, on one hand you gain a lot of experience, but on the other you are also a valuable asset to wherever you go next.

One of the most gratifying parts of my job is the gratitude I get from the patients and families. Despite the enormous workload, it is wonderful to see the improvements to patients’ health conditions, and to know that you played a role in it. What is even more touching is the appreciation you receive from the patients or their families, because you see that you really are changing and saving lives.

I am generally really proud of my job and what I do. Being able to help people and do so with your whole heart and soul is something I believe you should be proud of every day, though it does come with its challenges. One of the hardest parts, especially now during the corona pandemic, is the time pressure. Outside of the necessary medical care, it is hard to find time to just bond and talk to the patients. You see the consequences of this even more now, because there are little to no visitors allowed, but this is when the patients need the most love and attention. I find it unfortunate that the time pressure gets in the way sometimes.

As a project nurse you learn to be flexible and adapt to different teams, and this is something that you can apply throughout every aspect of your life. You learn to live with and adapt to the different people, teams, and tasks that you come across.

Before I joined Modis Life Sciences, the first introductory meeting had been very pleasant because I was immediately put at ease by Sophie, Business Development Manager at Modis Life Sciences. This was partly due to the pleasant conversation, but also because of what the job offered. From that moment, I knew and decided that I wanted to work for Modis Life Sciences. Together, they look for a project place that will enable you to further develop yourself as a nurse, and your interests and capabilities are taken into consideration.