The Importance of Making Results Accessible and Reusable Beyond the Project Lifetime

By: Laura Carrera Carballes, Caroline Sage and Paul Peeters

Over the past months it has become undoubtedly clear that the Covid-19 pandemic has influenced every aspect of our lives. The way we do science has been no exception, with an increased importance of collaboration for more streamlined and accelerated access to results. In this regard, the European Commission has recently published a manifesto[1] endorsing three principles to follow when dealing with research results resulting from EU-funded grants:


  1. Make the results public and accessible
  2. Make scientific papers and research data available open access and following the FAIR principles[2]
  3. Where possible, grant for a limited time non-exclusive royalty free licenses on the intellectual property

These three principles fully rely on the value of accessing and maintaining project results after the project ends. But how realistic is this? Maintaining project results maximally accessible and reusable often requires additional funding, a resourced infrastructure as well as the correct legal and asset management expertise to set it up.

At Modis Life Sciences we believe in the value of making results available, reusable and sustainable beyond the project end. The team at Modis Life Sciences has a vast expertise in managing multistakeholder collaborations and ensuring the outcomes do not fade away with the end of the funding. Our expertise relies on 4 pillars:

  • We are drivers for project sustainability planning and execution
  • We are assessors to create a crisp vision on project and portfolio sustainability
  • We are communicators to raise project sustainability awareness and alignment
  • We are facilitators by making the right link between the correct dots to speed up sustainability development and implementation

Interested in knowing more about how Modis Life Sciences can help your way to ensure sustainability of project results? Stay tuned for our next blog post or get in touch using the form below!