Sustainable Mobility Gains More Importance For Employers

By: Eline Willems, Project Manager

The federal government has decided that by 2026 all fleet cars should be emission free. For employers and employees this has far reaching consequences. More and more, we feel that employers should have an eye for a good mobility policy.


  • Should employees be able to charge their electric vehicle at the site of the employer, at an advantageous tariff?
  • Should employers stimulate the use of speed pedelecs, so more employees use a bike to commute, or should the use of speed pedelecs be forbidden, because this might lead to an increase in workplace accidents?
  • Should the employer offer satellite offices to their employees, or has this limited advantages?

Studies show that longer commutes lead to decreased job satisfaction and increased risk of mental health issues, while shorter commutes have the opposite effect. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that an employer considers the effect of all the questions that arise when working around sustainable mobility solutions.

Employers should always strive towards data-based decision making. A mobility survey is an excellent first step to gauge what the most urgent issues are for employees. It is also an interesting tool to calculate for example the remaining growth potential for number of employees cycling to work. Lastly, a mobility survey can be a tool used to follow-up on the evolution of more difficult to measure KPI’s such as satisfaction with the mobility policies.

At Modis, we have the experience to help guide an employer in the ever-evolving world of sustainable mobility solutions. Together with our clients, we have helped roll out multiple mobility initiatives; including a bicycle ambassador program, a carpool buddy system, and a training framework for employees who lease a Speed Pedelec.

– Eline Willems, Project Manager


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