Pharmaceutical Technology Transfers, a risky business!

By: Diane Steel, Senior Project Manager

In strengthening their activities, there are a number of strategic benefits companies can achieve in pharmaceutical production by transferring production between sites. For various reasons, the transfer of production -and the underlying technologies- can be risky.

The pharmaceutical company must take into account 4 important elements before starting the Technology Transfer process:


  1. Risk assessment and development of mitigation plans prior to transfer
  2. Troubleshooting prior to transfer
  3. Standardization of processes and equipment
  4. Equal attention to people as to processes


A consistent, risk-based approach, updated with quality data through the design and design of experimental initiatives, will improve the industry’s ability to efficiently, effectively and seamlessly transfer production in the future.


At Modis Life Sciences, our supply chain experts and consultants can help you evaluate how Technology Transfer can boost your business, while our experienced project managers can help you prepare and implement the transfer successfully.

– Diane Steel, Senior Project Manager


Source: Pharmaceutical Online