Supply Chain & Operations

Modis Life Sciences provides biomolecular research tools & service company with their expertise

Company: Biomolecular research tools & service company

Objective/Business challenge:

  • Lacking traceability and reporting
  • Optimize order & communication management system

Our experts: 1 senior consultant and 1 medior consultant

Our solutions:

Implement traceability system:

  • Paper-based batch recording: Batches linked to all raw materials used, all operators/suppliers involved, and all QC results or certificates of acceptance
  • A certificate of acceptance is added for the end-user customers to inform them of the QCs performed and confirming the good quality of the probes

Optimize order and communication plan:

  • Perform fit & gap analysis (FMEA): Mapping of current ordering process & flows, and define optimal future process flows

Reporting tool:

  • Create a custom-made and accurate tool for monthly reporting to the Board


  • Ability to trace back critical information when a defect or issue is reported
  • Obtained E2E visibility in their as is communication & order flow and a ‘to be’ scenario to be deployed in 2020

Added value:

  • Our Tracking & Tracing expert has implemented a process & system that guarantees full compliancy with limited budget
  • Our Supply Chain expert has provided a clear plan on when and how to implement a sustainable future-proof order management system