Funding & grant management

Modis Life Sciences helps start-up with funding & grant management


Rejuvenate Biomed, a biomedical company  (SME start-up).

Business challenge:

Rejuvenate Biomed was looking for optimal grants for the funding of their research & development. They needed help with the first steps towards commercialization.

Our experts: 2 Grant Consultants and 1 Project Manager R&D

Our solutions:

  • Consultancy: feasibility study of optimal grants in line with business strategy.
  • Proposal writing.
  • Project management.


Results / added value:

  • Expertise to advise and support the client, reducing the internal time investment, and increasing the chance of success of the applications.
  • Approval for a 0.5 million-euro research grant through a Flemish VLAIO grant within the first year.
  • 2nd VLAIO grant for 1.1 million euro.


Our passion for developing drugs that delay the onset of age-related diseases, combined with the grant-writing skills of Modis Life Sciences, led to a successful application. Taking these first steps towards achieving our dream was only possible through our intense, respectful collaboration. Modis Life Sciences not only guided us through application requirement hurdles but also supported us with their hands-on approach.

– Ann Beliën, CEO of Rejuvenate Biomed