Supply Chain & Operations

Modis Life Sciences helps biomolecular research tools & service company with their supply chain & operations expertise

Company: Biomolecular research tools & service company

Objective/business challenges:

  • Define strategic profile and KPIs
  • Optimize the probe production process

Our experts: 1 senior consultant and 1 medior consultant

Our solutions:

  • Define the strategic profile after performing a strategic scan
  • Detailed mapping of the initial production process and identify the main constraints of the process
  • Provide improvement suggestions based on multiple scenario simulations
  • Description of crucial KPIs to be tracked
  • SOP & WI template creation


  • Provided a clear overview of their strategic profile for the next five years
  • Generated an initial assessment of the process steps that need to be improved to allow them to achieve their strategic goals. KPIs to track progress were defined
  • Established an initial framework where they can capture their protocols (Work instructions) and overall process (SOP) in a structured and generic way

Added value:

We provided clear visibility on next operational steps to support execution of the strategic vision leveraging business growth