International sales day 2021 at Modis

International sales day, which is held on the first Thursday of December each year, was started by AA-ISP as a way to show appreciation and recognition for the millions of sales representatives around the world. Companies can honor this day by shining a light on those sales people who are essential for the sustainability, profitability and successes of the company. Modis loves celebrating this day and that is why we want you to meet four of our colleagues and their unique sales drive.


The most interesting aspect of sales is the contact with the sector/market/clients. I like to stay up to date, to know the client’s preoccupations, trends in the market, evolution of the sector on short and long term. I also love the challenge that comes with sales. Winning new clients is not always easy, but when you do, the satisfaction is gigantic.
– Sophie, Business Development Manager


I love the satisfaction I get when I see the signature of the client on a contract. That means I’ve done my job right.
– Sylvie, Business Manager


Meeting new people is why I love doing sales. I can’t count the number of interactions I had over the past years. I also appreciate that I can use my scientific background and market knowledge to better understand client’s requests and prepare proposals.
– Véronique, Key Account Manager


What I like the most about sales is the people. Being in contact, meeting new people and developing relationships by offering clients quality and the right solution to there problems. Listening to the needs of the potential client is essential.
– Lionel, Coach Business Manager


Q: What qualities should a sales person have?

Lionel: Sales is all about being a good listener and communicator. You need to focus on your (potential) client and show a big deal of commitment. You need to be able to handle the fact that only 5-10% of your actions will be a success. A day of a sales person can be an emotional rollercoaster sometimes. One moment you can be happy because the client signed a contract, but other times you can be frustrated because you lost a project. You need to be able to cope with these aspects of the job as well.

Sophie: You need to be passionate and have a good understanding about the industry you are working in. To be a great sales person you have to be persuasive, social, dedicated and be a real entrepreneur. I also agree with Lionel that you need to be a good listener. You have to listen to the client and try to understand the client’s needs, to propose the right solution.

Véronique: The follow-up of opportunities with clients and with colleagues requires some project management and organizational skills. I would also add good and social communication skills to the list of qualities to easily interact with people, and of course negotiation skills are essential in this job.

Sylvie: A lot of things were already said by my colleagues, but I would also say that listening to the client is really important. You need to be available for the client and be proactive in finding a solution for their needs. As Sophie already mentioned, having a good knowledge of the market is also an essential quality, combined with a good network you can count on.

Q: How did Modis help you grow in your career?

Lionel: Throughout my career at Modis, I was (am) lucky enough to have colleagues, talent managers, consultants and a leadership team that supported, trusted and valued me. In addition, Modis has given me coaching & training sessions which improved my competences & skills. They provided me with the autonomous skills that I needed to support our clients.

Sophie: I received the opportunity to follow several trainings like sales trainings, negotiation techniques, mindset and soft skills, etc. I received a lot of support from my direct manager and colleagues. That helped me to stay focused and motivated when needed. At Modis I received the opportunity to grow in my professional and private life. I appreciate it a lot ; Modis rocks!

Sylvie: I also have to say that I received very good sales trainings and opportunities to learn by doing (in the field).