Innovation Management: a Future Approach

By: Zeger De Groote, Senior Project Manager & Grant Consultant

ISPIM – innovation conference: key take-aways

In June 2021, several Modis Innovation Lab members attended the ISPIM (The International Society for Professional Innovation Management) conference, themed ‘innovating our common future’. While we presented our Try-All case (PoC study: innovating scalability and delivery in clinical trials), we also actively engaged with academic researchers and professional innovation managers. Despite the virtual setting, the organization managed to create an open, constructive, and engaging atmosphere where attendees did not only discuss open innovation, but also shared tools & best practices for day-to-day innovation activities. We are happy to share with you some key take-away messages from the event:

  1. Innovation is one of the main drivers for growth, not only at company level, but also to address challenges at social, and even societal level.
  2. Innovation requires an end-to-end strategy to create added value and a crucial, often forgotten component, is to envision the outcome and benefit for the end-users.
  3. Innovation is open for everyone…provided the right environment and culture are established that enable people to do so. It requires continuous learning, re-skilling, and a growth mindset, but also management support and company values which are aligned with the innovation purpose.


The future of innovation management

The future of innovation management, even more so due to the worldwide pandemic, will be earmarked by digital transformation. Preparing, embracing, and adopting digital measures, methods and solutions will becomes ever so important to innovate our common future. Personal and inter-personal skills are becoming ever so important to guide, support and facilitate innovation throughout the value chain and in innovation hubs, centres, labs, and teams. We take 3 interesting capacity lessons:

  1. Innovation works best for complex situations & issues.
  2. Innovation works best with diverse teams within precise boundaries.
  3. Innovation works best with leaders of innovation even more than with innovative leaders.

With great pleasure and interest, we have noticed that our current day-to-day practices, services, and approaches are reflected and discussed during a professional innovation management conference. It shows that Modis Life Sciences is adapting to the new reality and embracing change. Our goal and ambition is to be a frontrunner in innovation-driven services and development, whether as facilitator or as initiator.


Modis day-to-day innovation practices & innovation services

Modis Innovation Lab offers a unique set of skills and expertise for project incubation and proof-of-concept development. It brings health innovation to practice in an agile, co-creative, and (end-)user centric way. Our clients and their stakeholders in Life Sciences and Healthcare are constantly challenged by the need to adopt new technologies and business models towards a more cost effective and patient centric health solution, while operating in a highly regulated and quality-controlled work environment. We are here to help them incubate & strategize, shape & process, test & validate, and partner & scale.



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