Electronic Registry System

Modis Life Sciences helps pharmaceutical company with electronic registry system


A Belgium-based pharma company with a product for the treatment of blood cancer.


Business challenge:

INAMI-RIZIV had a contract with our client for a newly approved drug. According to the terms of the contract the pharma company needed to provide the number of patients to the authorities, and the boxes of medication delivered for each year of the contract.


Our solution:

We developed an electronic registry system that can be used by all hospital pharmacies providing the product to patients. Pharmacists encoded a unique identifier and information on the drug provided, such as quantity and posology information.

Modis Life Sciences trained the sites for using the registry system properly, provided support for data collection, generating monthly reports, and providing administrative support to coordinate contracts and fees.


Results / added value:

Our client received a short overview on usage statistics every month and a complete report every year that addresses governmental authorities.