Electronic Platform

Modis Life Sciences helps pharmaceutical affiliates with electronic platform


Belgian pharmaceutical affiliates with product in oncology.

Business challenge:

PDL-1 testing is needed in order to select the best treatment for cancer patients. However, PDL-1 testing is not reimbursed in Belgium and causes a financial burden to the patient. Currently, approximately 6 labs are certified to do PDL-1 testing in Belgium. Our client wanted to support patients by reimbursing PDL-1 testing to increase PDL-1 screening and as such optimize treatment.

Our solution:

Modis Life Sciences set up an e-platform for requesting sample testing by one of the reference labs. The test results are uploaded to the platform and the pathologist is notified that results are available. Each test is documented in the platform and the test is directly reimbursed to the lab by Modis Life Sciences on behalf of the client. In a second phase, we will evaluate the need from pathologists to facilitate sample shipment to the testing lab which will be integrated in the platform and we will organize the shipment of samples on demand.

Results / added value:

Within the 3-month deadline, our team was able to develop the e-platform, set-up contracts with the lab and train them on the use of the platform. The platform was launched in April 2019.