DEEP – Accelerating the Digital Measurement Ecosystem

By: Matthias Cleenewerck, Project Manager

Nowadays, digital measurement solutions (DMS) can be found in various forms, mostly in the form of sensors and wearables. As they have a wide range of applications, they can be very useful in the life sciences sector. However, even though many potential applications are possible, implementing the use of digital solutions in evidence generation can be complex, which in turn prevents the stakeholders from fully taking advantage of these solutions.

Janssen initiative DEEP, which stands for ‘Digital Endpoints Ecosystem & Protocols’ aims to resolve following key issues:

  • DMS Development and management challenges
  • Challenges of collaboration and asset sharing
  • Immature ecosystem, lack of harmonization and standardization

DEEP is an accelerator for the digital measurement ecosystem, offering a marketplace which enables access to assets between multiple parties, based on collaboration, transparency and trust. The DEEP marketplace covers assets for digital biomarkers, clinical trial endpoints and real-world measurement solutions. Furthermore, DEEP offers a unique set of services focused on discovery, development and adoption of robust and evidence-based DMS.

As a strong focus of DEEP is about enabling easier collaboration between different stakeholder groups, DEEP will bring together the innovative ideas and expertise of academics, clinical researchers, technology companies and service providers in order to deliver custom digital measurement solutions which are optimized for performance and validated for their intended use cases.
DEEP believes that the adoption of digital measurement solutions will lead to improved capabilities to measure aspects of health most meaningful to patients and enable evidence-based, patient-centric smart medical intervention services. The DEEP initiative will therefore play an important role in digitizing the pathway to develop and deliver patient care, where clinical decisions can be based on patient-centric insights generated by fit-for-purpose solutions.

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