Data Visualization of the Future

By: Lars Depovere, Project Manager

We are currently living in era where data are generated everywhere. A lot of that data is transactional and doesn’t say much. You often see data sheets with lines and lines of text and you end up with underusing or even not using the data. In order to get the bigger picture of your data and to make it appropriate for decision making, data visualization is almost a necessity.

Data visualization is not something new, but the amount of data we can use exploded with the rise of newer and better technologies. Below you can find some perspectives of how you want to use data:

  • Don’t limit data to the specialists. Data visualization tools became much more user-friendly and data is a lot more accessible. It is more and more important that every person of interest can understand what the figures are showing.
  • Stories have a greater impact and can be memorized more quickly. A visualized story offers a cohesive whole, while providing the important information. The challenge is telling it in a correct, simple and interesting way.
  • Visualizing does not always mean using images. You have to look beyond the image. One figure can tell a whole story.


These are only a few aspects that will help in data visualization. At Modis Life Sciences, we have the expertise of creating the best visualizations and creating these stories. Data are shown in such a way that it might tell the future.