Building together: the European Health Data Space

By: Liesbeth Boeckx, Project Manager

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of effective and timely data sharing for research across borders. There are many different national rules that make health data sharing across EU borders challenging. In addition, interoperability and standardization are also seen as obstacles.

The European Union (EU) has committed to the European Health Data Space (EHDS) in the European Commission (EC)’s Data Strategy and the GDPR has provided a legal framework for the processing of health data with the intention to increase the accessibility, availability and affordability of high-quality healthcare.


The European Health Data Space will:

  • promote safe exchange of patients’ data (including when they travel abroad) and citizens’ control over their health data.
  • support research on treatments, medicines, medical devices, and outcomes
  • encourage the access to and use of health data for research, as well as policymaking and regulation with a trusted governance framework. Additionally, it will also encourage upholding data-protection rules.
  • support digital health services.
  • clarify the safety and liability of artificial intelligence in health.


Expectations are high for this cornerstone of health digitalization. By 2025, patients from all Member States should be able to share their data with healthcare professionals of their choice.

Investments in the EHDS will be supported by the newly established EU4Health program, as well as common data spaces and digital health related innovation under the Horizon Europe and the Digital Europe programs.

EU-wide collaboration and knowledge sharing will be complex to build the EHDS by 2025. Strategic collaborations will be more beneficial for players in technology, healthcare and research, and it will help them overcome these complex challenges.


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