Corporate Social Responsibility

At Modis Life Sciences we are eager to invest in socially and environmentally conscious efforts. Our engagement starts with our mission ‘to create real impact on people’s lives’.

We are engaged in

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Reducing carbon footprints

We promote virtual meetings, carpooling to internal events from our client’s site, etc.

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Improving labor policies

Not only in-office perks such as fruit baskets and table football are available, but we also take care of our employees and hire based on skills not ethnicity or background.

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Participating in fairtrade

We all drink fairtrade coffee from an automated, environmental friendly coffee grinder.

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Charitable giving

We promote employee’s actions to collect in-house donations for abroad or to support employees’ charities in our internal newsletter. See our stories above.

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Volunteering in the community

For ‘De Warmste Week’ we organized a Charity Quiz which raised € 1.750, which was donated to Poverello. Poverello’s volunteers provide hot meals, coffee and soda, clothing, medical care, shelter and a community to anyone in need. They offer them a place to rest, where they can feel safe and respected. We also have colleagues who volunteer in their free time within the Poverello community.

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Corporate policies that benefit the environment

Every colleague receives a starter pack with a reusable Dopper drink bottle.

Touching stories

Residential Care Centers

Something special for residential care centers

Towards the end of every year, we strive to do something meaningful for the elderly. Though the pandemic has affected our normal way of life, it did not stop us from carrying out our yearly ritual of doing something for residential centers in different areas of Brussels. Christmas time has always been associated with families coming together, however people in care centers can often be forgotten or get lonely during this season. To create a sense of togetherness, we normally visit the care centers to hand out cookies and simply interact and talk to the residents. You would be surprised to see how simple remarks such as “How was your day?” or “That is very interesting to hear.” can make the biggest difference.

As we were unable to do physical visits in 2020, we sent Christmas cards to residents instead. We were glad to hear from the Director that the residents were extremely happy and emotional to have received their cards.

Gambia Schools

Schools in Gambia

Deborah travelled to The Gambia to distribute pens, pencils, markers and notebooks. She contributed to the education of the local children by collecting school materials from our colleagues and donating them to the Prospects School. Schools in Gambia are divided into public and private. Public schools are funded only by the government, unfortunately this is not enough. With families being very poor, children only eat at school, which means that funds go mainly toward student meals. As a result, there is no money left to build new school buildings or to purchase school supplies.

Marleen Temmerman Fund

Marleen Temmerman Fund

We raised €2.900 to support the Marleen Temmerman Fund by organizing a ‘Mapathon’ and Charity Quiz. Marleen Temmerman is a well-known obstetrician-gynaecologist, scientist, author and politician who strives for the rights of women and children around the world. With this passion, she established the International Centre for Reproductive Health in 1994, which strives for improved accessibility of sexual and reproductive health services and better quality of care.


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