A Day in the Life of a Recruiter at Modis

A recruiter is someone who finds qualified candidates for a job opening and works to meet the demands of both the employer and the employee throughout the hiring process. Ever wondered what a day in the life of a recruiter looks like? Today, on April 7th, it is international recruiters day, the perfect opportunity to catch a glimpse of Amber’s workday, Talent Acquisition Expert at Modis, and to celebrate everything she, and all our recruiters do on a daily basis.




Team Meeting

Every morning, I have a meeting with my team to dispatch the new job openings that came in. We also discuss the vacancies that are filled in, which candidates we proposed and on which platforms we have launched our vacancies. These daily team meetings are also meant to inform everyone on what we will be focusing that day. It is the perfect moment to ask any questions I might have and to connect with my team.



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Let’s go

After my morning team meeting, my workday officially begins. At around 11 AM, I’m in the middle of publishing jobs that were assigned to me. There are a lot of different platforms where we post jobs: on Linkedin, VDAB, Indeed etc. I’m constantly looking for potential candidates. Creating the perfect match between the requirements of the client, the candidate and the job is something that really excites me and gives me fuel throughout my workday!





Yes, lunchtime!

The moment of my workday where I can really connect with colleagues. Due to COVID, connection moments like these were very scarce, but I’m so happy we are returning to a somewhat normal situation. When it is nice weather, we love to eat outside our beautiful office in Temse. We have a lovely view!



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Calling candidates

A lot of my work consists of sitting down and working on my computer. That’s why I try to have my calls standing up. Of course, that is not always possible. Especially not when I’m calling to screen a candidate. In this situation, I need to make notes of the conversation so I remember what has been said. I ask a lot of standard questions like:

  • Where do you live?
  • How far do you want to commute to work?
  • Which languages do you speak?
  • How long is your notice period?
  • What are you looking for in a job?
  • Why do you want to change jobs?



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Interview candidate

During COVID, all the interviews were done online. Now it is possible to do an interview with a candidate face to face again, which is what I love the most. During this interview, I will delve deeper into the profile of the candidate (skills and experiences) and really get to know the person. This is also a moment where I challenge their soft skills for example via the questions: “Give me an example of a situation where you…” or “How do you handle this situation”. When everything goes well, I propose the candidate to the client.



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Intake with a new client

If a new client has an open vacancy, we schedule an intake call. It is really important to have a clear picture of the requirements of the job opening as well as of what the structure of the company looks like. That way I have enough information to attract the right candidate.



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The end of my workday

Interested in a job as a recruiter? Browse through our careers website and maybe there is a big opportunity for you!

See you soon!