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Modis is a community made up of the world’s brightest minds in Life Sciences, IT, and Engineering. You first, then the opportunity. For us, it starts with understanding your ambitions and we work with you to reach those ambitions. We’re here to be your coach and guide, by investing, training, and upskilling you throughout your career. By studying how people, science, technology, and businesses intersect in markets around the world, we can partner the right specialists with the right professional projects. We connect your skills and ambitions to the opportunities you need to thrive.

Our teams offer opportunities within the fields of R&D, Innovation, Regulatory & Quality, Supply Chain, Clinical Medical, Technical, Sales & Marketing, Prevention, IT Development & Support, and Business Analytics. We have several solutions such as contracting, temp to perm, and consultancy in Life Sciences, IT & Engineering companies.

Are you graduating soon and already looking for a first job? As a Young Graduate, we know that finding your first job can be challenging. To help you along on your application journey, we would like to share 5 tips to score a job as a consultant.


1. What content should my CV contain?

  • You can start with a brief introduction about yourself: Who are you? What are you looking for? Always include your details such as email address, telephone number, place of residence, and driving license. This saves a lot of time in your application process. The best place is at the top or somewhere at the beginning of your document.
  • Make sure you list your skills using keywords or even write the most important words in bold. When recruiters first look at your CV, they can focus on that.
  • Don’t forget to list your mastery of language and mention your level of speaking and writing.
  • Additionally, you should also mention all your relevant experiences: education and work, but also recreational experiences might add value! Have you been a part of a sports club, did you join a student association or volunteer work? This can all contribute to your personality and skills.
  • List your certificates or extra training courses as well.

The most important part is to be honest on your CV, but on top of that, try to stand out by being original in your wording and text.


2. What about the CV Layout?

Life Sciences, IT & Engineering are international businesses, therefore write your CV in English! If you just graduated, place your degrees before your experience. Do you have 2 years of work experience, leave your student jobs out and put your work experience at the top. In general, the ‘rules’ on how long your CV should be are:

  • As a junior 1 page should be sufficient.
  • As a medior 2 pages are common.
  • As a senior, you can go up to 3 pages. Never make a CV longer than necessary.

Structure your CV so that it is easy to read: use paragraphs, bullet points, white spaces, different font sizes… Last but not least, make your CV attractive. A plain word document in black and white will not stand out. Play with layout and color, but don’t overdo it. You’re still in a scientific and professional environment.


3. Is my LinkedIn Profile up to date?

The goal of LinkedIn is to create a network of relevant contacts. It is a reflection of your CV and that means that the same rules as your CV apply. Make sure they are aligned! LinkedIn is all about keywords. The more relevant keywords related to your experiences you use, the more you will pop up on the recruiters’ searches!

Use the ‘about’ section to tell a bit more about yourself and your goals. Give a short explanation for each experience and/or education. Listing your skills, licenses and certificates will make you more visible. Don’t forget to mention the level of your languages and add your native language too. If you choose to use a profile picture, make sure it is a professional one.

Use this network platform to network, connect with interesting companies as well as people within those companies or with relevant experiences. Try to share, repost or comment on articles or posts of others to engage in the networking. The more you network, the more visible you will become. Asking former or current employees and/or colleagues for a recommendation is always an added value. Do you know you can add a frame ‘#OpenToWork’? This makes you more visible to recruiters!


4. How to prepare for an interview?

Feeling nervous about an interview? Make sure you are well-prepared so you have no regrets afterwards. A good starting point of your preparation is to read the job description again and google terms that you do not know. Of course, it is important to know yourself and your resume. Try to link yourself with the criteria mentioned in the job description. What are your qualities? And don’t forget to think about your points of improvement and how to tackle them. It can also be relevant to think about questions that could potentially be asked, and you should definitely reflect on the answers you will give.

Keep in mind that the internet is your best friend. Search for the company website and read about their activities, products, goals, and projects. This will show that you are proactive. Another tip is to have a look on LinkedIn to check the background of the interviewer. Maybe you have some similarities that you can highlight during the interview. You can also look on LinkedIn to see if people you might know are working at the company. This can give you some bonus points.

Of course, there are some practicalities that you have to take into account. Prepare how you will get to your interview. What route do you need to take? How long will it take? Will there be traffic? It is needless to say that you need to show up on time. Your resume, the job description, the contact details of the recruiter, are all important information to take with you to your interview. Imagine that you are stuck in traffic and you forgot the telephone number of the recruiter. That is not the first impression that you want to make. In these virtual times, a lot of interviews are done online. For this, it is important to check your internet connection and check if the link for the interview works.


5. How to behave during an interview?

An interview is all about your smile. This is easy for some, but less so for others. If you are struggling with this, keep in mind the following tips. A smile can make a difference because it radiates positive energy to the recruiter and it increases your chances of a good evaluation. Of course, you will not only be selected by your pretty smile, also be aware of your attitude and posture. Your arms and hands tell a lot about you. Crossing your arms for example will create the idea that you are a closed person or wobbling on your chair gives the impression that you are nervous. It is also important to control your facial expressions.

Active listening will make sure that you answer the questions correctly. If you don’t understand the question, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. This is always better than answering beside the point. You can take some time to think about your answer. Don’t feel ashamed about awkward silences when you are thinking. It shows that your answer is rational for you. If you answer, do it slowly. Of course, you need to make sure that the recruiter is not bored, however, it is important to take your time to explain things well.

At the end of the interview, it is your time to ask questions. Do not be afraid to do this. It shows that you are proactive and involved. It can be a good idea to make a list of questions before the interview. During an interview, you might be nervous and forget the things you wanted to ask. For this, a list can be helpful.


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